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BETA!Our website & documentation is currently in development.

Create New Website

Once you have opened the G2S App, the first window you will see is the 'Website Select' window. Using this window you can select websites, create new websites and also create organisations.

Organisations are used to organise your websites into groups. Organisations will be covered later in the documentation, for now, we will cover creating a new website within the default organisation.

On the left-hand side, click the add website button.


When prompted, enter the new websites name.

Then click the "Create" button to create the new website.


The new website will automatically open, but notice it has also been added to the website list. Double-clicking the websites in the list will open them.

You can have as many websites open as you like.


Your new website should look like the image below. On the left-hand side, you have the explorer area which contains all the files within your project. To the right, you have the preview area, which will show the preview of the website, in the image below the preview is the white area saying hello world. To the bottom of the preview, we have the code editor, if you do not see the code editor, simply drag it up from the bottom of the screen.


Next, we will look at what we get with the default website..