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GoCardless Customer

In this article, we will learn how to connect the G2S with GoCardless. GoCardless makes it easy to collect recurring direct debit payments from customers worldwide.

This article assumes you have already signed up with GoCardless.

GoCardless API Key

Head over and log in to your GoCardless account. Once logged in, select the "Developers" tab and dropdown the "Create" menu, then select "Access Token".


Enter a name for your token, select Read-Only Access and click "Create access token". Then copy the access token.


Now open the G2S Preferences window, select the appropriate organisation and select the customer's tab, then the GoCardless tab. Here you can check "Use GoCardless" and paste in the access key we just copied.


Now lets sync a customer

Head over and log in to your GoCardless account. Once logged in, select the "Customers" tab, then select the customer you want, then copy the Customer Id.

The Customer ID can be found in two places. It is the number in the breadcrumb. or you can click the JSON button and see the first value called "ID". Copy the ID Value.


Now back over in the G2S, open the Customer window, select "GoCardless" from the platform dropdown and paste the id we just copied in the Customer ID field.

Now select the "Import Details" button.

Note: We can have multiple customer IDs for customers with more than one subscription. Having multiple customer IDs means we can view all their invoices.


The G2S has now Automatically imported their details.


Next, we will learn about invoices.