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Customer Invoices

In this article, we will learn about invoices in the G2S.

Note: Currently, the G2S only supports invoice's imported from GoCardless payments, But stay tuned as we plan to add support for other platforms and also support for custom invoices. Also, invoices do not yet support VAT but will do very soon.


Open the customer window and select the invoices tab. Here you will find a list of invoices from GoCardless. Invoices are made from payments that are marked as paid.

Auto-send invoices:

If "Auto-send invoices" is selected, unsent invoices will automatically send when the G2S is opened.

Email invoices to:

Invoices get sent to the email addresses stated here.


Double click the invoice to open it.


Note: If you cannot see your details on the invoice, it's because you loaded them from GoCardless before adding your company details in preferences. If this is the case you can right-click the invoices and select "Update Details", this will update the details of the selected invoices to match the details in preferences.