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Sync G2S With Cloudflare

The following article explains how to sync the G2S with Cloudflare. We do this so when we publish the website from the G2S, the G2S can purge Cloudflare's cache.

Cloudflare Settings

In the G2S click the settings button, top left of the window. In here you will see some settings for Cloudflare. We need the email address used when logging into Cloudflare, we need Cloudflare's API key, and we need the websites Zone ID.


Use Global settings

Global settings are in the G2S Preferences, Use Global settings if you have multiple websites that use the same Cloudflare credentials. Making changes to the global settings will reflect across all websites referencing them. For example, if you change your Cloudflare email address and have multiple sites, we don't need to go to each site updating the new email. We only need to update the email in preferences, and websites using global settings will update automatically.


Cloudflare Email

The cloudflare email is the email address you use when you log into Cloudflare.

Cloudflare Global API Key

To find the Global API Key, head over to Cloudflare's dashboard and click the "My Profile" button (top right). Select the "API Tokens" tab and click the "View" button next to the Global API Key, enter your password, and the key will become visible.


Zone ID

To find the Zone ID, head over to Cloudflare's dashboard, click the relevant website and on the "Overview" tab, on the right-hand side near the bottom, you will find the Zone ID.