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BETA!Our website & documentation is currently in development.


On this page you can view all notable changes such as bug fixes, new features, etc.

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Version 0.0.5

New Features:

  • Added Build Selected option to directory context Menu


  • Fixed a bug when building webp images
Version 0.0.4

New Features:

  • Added auto end tags in HTML editor.
  • Upload files by select in their directory
Version 0.0.3

New Features:

  • Added Export Locally. Websites can now be exported.
Version 0.0.2

New Features:

  • Added head snippets ( snippets can now be used in the <head> )
                                                        <meta name="snippet" content="snippets/path-to-snippet.html">


  • Improved the invoice HTML to PDF converter


  • Fixed a bug with converting webp images
Version 0.0.1

First public release | Bata release.